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Due to the varied and beautiful scenery and landscape the Erongo Mountains have become a popular tourism destination. Most of the members of the
Erongo Mountain Nature Sanctuary derive their income through one or other form of tourism. This can on the one hand be purely photo tourism, on the other hand sustainable conservation hunting is an integral part of the conservation story of the EMNS. Therefore, both types of tourism are offered on some land units, while other parts have specialised on either hunting or photo tourism. Often the venison for lunch or dinner comes directly from the particular farm. Through this - and through the practicing of all types of tourism - a balance is created in the bigger picture to ensure the sustainable use of nature in all parts of the project area.

Sunset moods in the Erongo © Hagen Denker
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The diversity of the Erongo Mountains and its forelands indeed invite for a longer stay in the EMNS. One can visit the different attractions in ample time, and be able to sleep somewhere else every or every other night.
The Erongo Mountains have much to offer, beginning with the geology of the former volcanic structure; or the unique landscape with its indigenous living creatures; up to the plentiful pre-historic rock paintings and engravings, most of which are estimated to be older than 2000 years.
The different accommodations also hold something for every soul. Luxurious lodges in breath-taking mountain backdrop, tasteful guesthouses in modern as well as traditional style as well as camping sites are all to be found in the Erongo Mountain Rhino Sanctuary Trust area.
Please explore the links at the top for more information about the different tourism destination in the Erongo Mountains.

Rock painting Erongo - Hunter with rhino head © Hagen Denker