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The efforts of conservationist land owners to establish a 180 000 hectare nature reserve in all its originality in and around the Erongo Mountains, has since led to a non-profit, legal framework through the foundation of the Erongo Mountain Rhino Sanctuary Trust of Namibia (EMRST). Yet, this project is still establishing itself, and the organisational and financial challenges often exceed the capacities of a small group of idealists by far.
At the moment the EMRST is receiving financial support in the sector of rhino protection fro
Omaruru Beverages. The reintroduction of a number of rhinos was made possible through the bottle-top campaign of Omaruru Beverages. A percentage of the proceeds of every sold bottle of Oasis mineral water and the other drinks from the assortment of Omaruru Beverages flows directly towards the protection of rhinoceros in the Erongo Mountains. Through this, it was possible for the EMRST to bear the veterinary and translocation costs of seven Black rhinoceros, as well as the substantial costs for the prevention of poaching.
Without the generous support of this company, the efforts for the rhinos in the Erongo would not be possible.

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With the current rhino poaching crisis that has by now also reached Namibia, it is becoming more and more important to ensure the best protection for these pachyderms. Poaching is however also evident with other game animals; in the Erongo mostly snaring is the preferred method of poaching, where these snares are placed indiscriminately in game trails. When an animal steps into one of the snares in a game trail, it quickly tightens around the ankle. The other end of the snare is fastened to the next bigger bush; the animal cannot escape and dies an agonising death. The poachers control the snares and sell the meat of the captured animal.
Further support, also in the general scope of nature conservation in the Erongo Mountains, would therefore provide further upwind for an ambitious ideal.
Meanwhile a
Support Organisation of the Erongo Mountain Rhino Sanctuary Trust of Namibia has been founded in Germany. This charitable association was established in 2013, to also allow interested conservationists in Germany (and Europe) to easily support the EMRST with donations. As this is a registered non-profit support organisation, donation confirmations (certificate) can be acquired. More about this EMRST support organisation on the website:
Furthermore, the Erongo Mountain Rhino Sanctuary Trust has introduced donation categories. Through this support membership of the EMRST, one can financially support the endeavours and projects of the EMRST with a onetime or annual donation.

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