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The hunting community of the Erongo Mountains was the decisive reason that lead to the founding of this unique nature reserve. Thus hunting is still practiced in the Erongo and continues to be an important part of the conservation success story of the EMRST.

In order to be able to justify hunting as applied conservation, the
Erongo Verzeichnis for African game animals was established through the Erongo Mountain Rhino Sanctuary Trust. The Erongo Mountain Rhino Sanctuary Trust is therefore the ideal supporter and carrier of the Erongo Verzeichnis, which serves as the official organ of the Trust. The Erongo Verzeichnis aims at preserving, through hunting, pristine, spacious wilderness areas inhabiting the natural and indigenous array of game animals. The goal must be to protect indigenous game animals, including predators, in their respective habitats; and to keep these wilderness areas as pristine and spacious as possible, to allow for natural migrations of wildlife and an escape from the hunter.
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At the bottom of this page you will find a video that was filmed in the Erongo Mountains with the support of hunter Henrik Lott and filmmaker Sebastian Steinbrink-Minami to show-case the work of conservation through hunting in the Erongo Mountain Rhino Sanctuary Trust and through the Erongo Verzeichnis. Enjoy!

This Video won the first prize in the “International Hunting- and Naturefilm Competition” at the 2018 Dortmund Jagd&Hund Hunting Show - we consider this a great achievement and further recognition that the “Erongo Verzeichnis” is on the right track.

Unfortunately the video is only available in German at the moment.

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Here we would like to now introduce the hunting areas in the Erongo Mountains.

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African Hunting Safaris

African Hunting Safaris with Kai-Uwe Denker and son Hagen offer true mountain hunting in the southwestern Valley of the Erongo Mountains. Hunting is done exclusively on foot searching for the typical game species of the Namibian escarpment, with special emphasis on big old Kudu bulls.

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Erongo Lodge

The experienced master hunting guides Karl and Peter Hinterholzer guide hunts in the Otjimisauna and Ekuta hunting area in the northern crater rim of the Erongo volcano basin. The sparing and selective hunting produces outstanding trophies. Hunting is only conducted in some parts of the hunting area, while others are considered non-hunting zones to allow the game to escape the hunter.

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Herzog Hunting Safaris

Hunt with Hubert and Maximilian Herzog on indigenous game in the northern foothills of the Erongo Mountains. The vast hunting estate is known for its incomparable diversity in landscapes and hunting adventures. Hunting takes place predominantly April to October from the “Omurenga” Lodge - one of the most exclusive hunting lodges in Africa. Accommodation in classic style can be experienced at “Otjompaue”.

The grey ghost of the mountain - Conservation through hunting in the EMRST (Video)

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